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There are many cheap apartments for rent in Belhaven, North Carolina, but part of finding your cheap apartment is doing the research needed to find those apartments in Belhaven which will fit your lease or rental budget. What are considered cheap rent and lease prices will vary from city to city, part of the research we are here to help you with is in contacting land lords in Belhaven to get an idea of rental prices. When contacting prospective landlords or apartment complexes be sure to ask each about introductory rates. Many apartment owners will give discounts to get you in the door.

Our cheap apartment listings for Belhaven, NC include both cheap and expensive apartments, but what we have done is organized the apartments in an easy format for you to contact prospective complexes personally. As well a good way to find a cheap apartment is to check other cities in the same County. To help you find that cheap apartments for rent in Belhaven and the surrounding area we have supplied links for other cheap apartments in Beaufort County.

Right now we have 3 apartment complexes in Belhaven with over 22 in the County. If you are a landlord of an apartment that is cheap please leave a comment with your contact information.

Top Cheap Apartments in Belhaven North Carolina

Belhaven Square
Address Contact
North Carolina 27810
Apartment Complex Phone
Apartment Management Company Phone
(919) 934-4103
Apartment Complex Overview
Belhaven Square has 32 one bedroom apartments. All Belhaven Square appartments are for the Elderly.

Cheap Apartments for rent in Belhaven North Carolina

Cedar Village Apartments
Address Contact
732 Cedar Village Road
North Carolina 27810
(252) 943-3632
Belhaven Square Apartments
Address Contact
411 Belhaven Square
North Carolina 27810
(252) 943-3001
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