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Cheap Apartments for Rent in Chandler Texas


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There are many cheap apartments for rent in Chandler, Texas, but part of finding your cheap apartment is doing the research needed to find those apartments in Chandler which will fit your lease or rental budget. What are considered cheap rent and lease prices will vary from city to city, part of the research we are here to help you with is in contacting land lords in Chandler to get an idea of rental prices. When contacting prospective landlords or apartment complexes be sure to ask each about introductory rates. Many apartment owners will give discounts to get you in the door.

Our cheap apartment listings for Chandler, TX include both cheap and expensive apartments, but what we have done is organized the apartments in an easy format for you to contact prospective complexes personally. As well a good way to find a cheap apartment is to check other cities in the same County. Chandler spans into Henderson and Van Zandt Counties, so there should be many options to pick from.

Right now we have 2 apartment complexes in Chandler with over 15 in the County. If you are a landlord of an apartment that is cheap please leave a comment with your contact information.

Cheap Apartments for rent in Chandler Texas

Chandler Crossing Apartments
Address Contact
809 North Broad Street Apt 225
Texas 75758
(903) 849-4944
Timber Ridge Apartments
Address Contact
427 Martin St
Texas 75754
(903) 849-6633